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Paul Mitchell Haul

I love anything with a theme so there is no surprise that I love the Yacht Club collection and United in Pink collection by Paul Mitchell. When it comes to the hot summer months and humidity it definitely causes our hair to either frizz or get bigger. During the summer I have to make sure I have a super shine serum and a good de frizz shampoo and conditioner but also at the same time products that give you that big volumed look.

Yacht Club Collection

I have been using the Paul Mitchell Yacht Club collection for a while now and the two products contain Extra-Body Daily Boost spray, Extra-Body Sculpting Foam and it even comes with a cute little brush to de-tangle your hair after washing. As you all know by now my hair is very fine so when I get my hands on volume products I get so excited, because it seems to work so well.

Extra-Body Daily Boost

This is a great root lifter. I apply this product onto my hair after a hair wash (leaving my hair damp) to make it as effective as possible. I apply directly onto the roots of my hair and massage in circular motions down to the end of my roots. I then leave this to set for a minute or two. Once this has set I will then blow dry my hair to how I want it. The good thing about this spray is that you can apply where you need the most volume. I find once my hair is blow dried it definitely gives it a lot of thickness which is what I want. Perfect for prepping a hairstyle and leaves no mess.

Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

If you prefer to work with a foam then you will definitely prefer this product. Generally I don’t really mind whether I use a spray or foam - as long as it does what I want then that’s all that matters. I tested this product a couple of weeks ago and found it worked just as well as the daily boost spray, except this has a foam texture. Weirdly I applied this product onto dry hair and applied evenly throughout the hair and found it worked well. The great thing about using volumed products is that it makes it so much easier to style whether you want to go for a crazy up-do look or a more classic chic look. These products are definitely worth a try because they are so easy to use.

United in Pink Collection

I love any brand that brings a theme into a collection which represents such a good cause. ‘Paul Mitchell is proud to support bright pink’s mission of saving women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age’.

Super Skinny Serum

What a fantastic product to take on holiday with you. As lovely as holidays are we all know that in the evenings if we are sitting outside having a nice meal, hair tends to be a problem. Humidity can be such a killer when we want to style our hair. For me every time I try and style my hair abroad it always fails and I tend to look like a complete frizz ball. When this product came into my life it was a literal life saver. All you do is apply one pump onto your hands, mix together and apply from the roots down to the ends of your hair. This is a really quick and easy way of taming the hair without having to worry. It leaves your hair looking and feeling, soft, shiny and most importantly controls the frizz. As Paul Mitchell says ‘Spend more time living and less time styling’.

Thicken Up

Yes - any product that starts talking about adding volume to the hair I just love. The Thicken Up product adds some serious volume to the hair. I use this product after I’ve washed it and again you just apply onto damp hair anywhere where you want more volume and blow dry where needed. I find this product leaves lots of softness and shine. My advice would be not to apply too much on the hair as if you over do it you may not find the results you want. You can also apply this product onto damp hair but just make sure that you use a small amount and section your hair where needed.

As I am a Salon Success member, these products have been sent to me by Salon Success to test and review.