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Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I can't stress enough how amazingly good the Natural Bronze body lotion is by Palmers, and yet it seems so underrated.

I recently purchased this beauty a couple of weeks ago for £5.69 in Boots and have been using it ever since. I am not normally a fan of fake tan as it can be really messy and tends to leave uneven streaky lines which I hate! The Palmers natural bronze works as a moisturiser but at the same time has a 24 hour gradual tanning effect on the skin. (Don't worry your not going to wake up looking like an oompa loompa). Due to Palmers ingredients it has a natural looking effect on the skin and creates no mess or stains on the skin. Once applied it blends into the skin really evenly which I think is a must when it comes to tanning because it means you don't have to make that extra effort to apply more to get it even.

I also found that when applying the natural bronze that it soothed my dry skin and has the most gorgeous glow to it. For anyone who is the same as me when it comes to fake tans I would highly recommend this! There are many fake tan lotions out there which I am not a fan of but this stuff really won't disappoint. It's so easy to use and you can apply whenever and wherever as it seems to dry fairly quickly and lasts for a while to.

Images: Beautyology