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Styling Products That’ll Give You Better Hair Than Before

We all hate those bad hair days and know how great your day can be if you get your hair to do just what you want it to, so it makes sense that you want to use the best products. Hair tends to change over time and won’t always get used to a product, but you might find that switching things up can totally transform your look. Here are some of my favourite hair products for you to try.

Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer, Shampoo and Conditioner by Paul Mitchell

The Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer by Paul Mitchell is great if you are looking for that shine effect on your hair. This product simply primes the surface of the hair for a smooth, shiny, polished look and helps prevent humidity and thermal damage in any weather. Using the Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer will leave your hair looking like you are red carpet ready. If you love that shiny hair effect then I would definitely recommend.

The Mirrorsmooth range by Paul Mitchell has an exclusive KeraReflect blend, containing natural Abyssinian oil which helps replenish moisture. I also found when using the Mirrorsmooth shampoo and conditioner that it left my hair with a gorgeous bounce to it which is just what I need as my hair is a very fine texture.

I use the Mirrorsmooth shampoo and conditioner twice a week when washing my hair. I would then simply apply the Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer onto the roots of my hair (while wet) and then blow dry. You can also apply the Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer onto dry hair as it seems to work just as well - this definitely works as a great go-to product. After using the Mirrorsmooth products it has left my hair healthy, smooth and shiny. These products are really easy to use and do exactly what it says on the bottle.

You can purchase the Paul Mitchell Mirrorsmooth range in salons. Prices range from £7.95 to £49.95 depending on size. To find out more information on this fab range head over to the Paul Mitchell website:

Photo: Beautyology

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost Mousse Spray

Another great product for volumizing the roots of your hair making it easy to style. I have used this spray a few times on my hair and it definitely does what it says on the bottle. This product is a beautifully scented mousse with a simple nozzle that makes application really easy.

All you need to do is part the hair randomly, remembering to concentrate on the areas where you want the most volume and then just simply spray. This product has a rich, creamy mousse texture which tends to expand when applying onto the roots so be careful not to spray too much. To achieve the most volume it is better to apply this product onto wet hair and then brow dry. With this spray there is no need to worry about your hair feeling sticky, dry or weighed down as it doesn’t do that.

You can purchase this product online or in beauty stores. Priced at £6.99 to find out more information head over to the Lee Stafford website:

Photo: Lee Stafford

ORIBE Maximista Thickening Spray

When I saw this product in Space.NK I was super excited. If you have fine hair like me, then this spray can totally give you the makeover you want. How to apply: Just simply spray onto damp hair, remembering to section your hair. When applying I found that starting from the roots to the ends gives your hair that maximum volume when blow drying. This product is priced at £25 which is totally worth it. You can purchase in beauty stores or online Space.NK. are currently selling the product:

Photo: Space.NK.

BB Curl Conditioning Mousse

Do you have curly locks? Then you’ll love what this mousse will do to them. A lightweight mousse that creates a frizz-free effect on curly hair. Just simply apply this product onto clean, damp hair comb through the hair from the roots to the ends. Finish by blow drying. This product is priced at £22 and can be purchased online or in stores:

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Victoria’s Secret High-Shine Serum

Looking for more of a beauty budget? Give your hair some perfect shine by using this fantastic High Shine Serum by Victoria’s Secret. Head over to the website to find out more information:

Photo: Victoria's Secret