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You Have To Try These Gorgeous Smokey Eye Looks

Smokey eye looks can come in many shades and each look and colour speaks for themselves. Eye make-up is a great way to show off your personality. These ideas and looks will give you so much inspiration. If you love going for a bolder look then you can always try the brighter colours like yellow, magenta or red. Let’s get creative!


A gold smokey eye is one of my all time favourite looks - it gives you the perfect amount of shimmer and brightness to any makeup look. I normally apply a lighter shade of gold from the inner to the middle and then a slightly darker shade of gold along the outer corner. These two tones look best blended together. A gold smokey eye looks best with eye colours such as green, brown and blue.

Image: enreviews


If you are a risk taker when it comes to eye make-up then you’ll love this. A magenta shade gives a touch of femininity to your makeup. Apply a subtle red shade under the brow bone – I would also recommend mixing glittery red and brown shades to the look to make it look more effective. A magenta smokey eye is best suited for eye colours such as brown and hazel.

Image: makeupgeek


Green is such a bold colour and an eye-catching choice. If you get the right shade it can look fab and it certainly shows you’re not afraid to try new things when it comes to makeup. When it comes to eye make-up it’s great to experiment bold colours. A green smokey eye is best suited for brown, blue and hazel eyes. The good thing about this shade is you can choose from dark, glitter to light greens.

Image: corallista


A lovely classic look, bronze and brown shades really give your makeup a touch of sophistication and glamour which I love. I would recommend applying your darkest shade in the outer corner of your eyelid and underneath, on the lower last line. These shades are best suited for blue, green brown and hazel eyes.

Image: indulgy


A silver smokey eye is a bright choice and is bound to make your eyes sparkle and pop! I have tried this look before and I have to say it looks better than it sounds. I would recommend applying a dark silver or even a coal black for the outer corner and blend into your main silver shade you choose. A silver smokey eye is best suited for blue, green and hazel eyes.

Image: manymakeup