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Salon Success Styling Society: Paul Mitchell Review

On the blog today is all about me reviewing two of my favourite Paul Mitchell products. Once every two months I will be given a box of hair products by the Salon Success Styling Society as I am now officially a member - which is very exciting. I think it is such a good idea to explore different brands and products by receiving a variety and beinggiven the opportunity to pick a few favourites. My box received this month was filled with Paul Mitchell products where they are promoting their anti animal testing campaign.

As you can probably tell by now I am a big fan of Paul Mitchell products. For me, I think their products speak for themselves due to the quality and effect it has on my hair. In the box there were two products that definitely stood out for me and worked very well on my hair.

Shampoo Two Deep Cleansing

One product I found very effective is the Shampoo Two Deep Cleansing product by Paul Mitchell. For a start this product smells so refreshing; it has a lovely lemon scent to it so I instantly fell in love and just couldn’t wait to put it on my hair as I love the smell of lemon products.

The idea behind this product is to remove build up and bacteria. It left my locks super clean and fresh looking. I think this is a perfect product to use between washes as it has a great deep cleansing effect. The texture of this product has a thin liquid to it so be careful when squeezing as it tends to come out quite fast! Due to it’s thin texture it makes it much easier to massage onto the roots of the hair.

I left this product in for 10-15mins and then rinsed off with warm water and it seemed to work perfectly. I also found that it left my hair with a lovely soft shine to it which is what I have always wanted with my hair. I have used this product over the last 2 weeks in between washes and have been very impressed so far. I consider this my go-to product.

Leave-in Conditioner

I have used a few leave-in conditioners in the past and found it left my hair a little greasy after use and since then it’s never appealed to me…until now! When I saw a leave-in conditioner product in my box I thought that it would be a good idea to give it a try again - and I am so glad I did. This product has a thick texture to it and the smell isn’t that bad (surprisingly as a few I have tried in the past didn’t smell too nice). This product really helped my hair keep its balance and moisture, meaning it helps with dryness and improves the texture. This is also recommended for all hair types.

Interestingly enough, I found after using this leave-in conditioner it helped style my thin hair much better. It gave lots of shape and volume which is just what I need. The two products that work so well together are definitely Shampoo Two and Leave-in conditioner. You can purchase these products on,, To find out more information on the products head over to the Paul Mitchell website. Shampoo Two prices range between £8-10, Leave-in conditioner priced at £13.95.

As a Salon Success Styling Society member, I will be reviewing products over the next 12 months. All my opinions and views are my own.

Photos: Beautyology By Lara