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Why Are Essential Oils Good For The Skin?

Today I talk about all things natural on the blog with some of my all time favourite oils which I think really help improve the skin. If you prefer all natural rather than splashing out on skincare brands then you will really enjoy reading this post.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil can really help your skins complexion to bloom. The oil helps maintain the skins moisture and can be used on all skin types. It has become increasingly popular for people with sensitive skin as the formulas help reduce redness.

It is also good news for acne prone skin as rose oil hydrates the skin which cleans and restores the skins texture, preventing bacteria from getting into the skin that incite acne. This is due to the antibacterial properties in rose oil.

If you have any redness, or breakouts then add a few drops of rose oil onto a sterilized cotton pad and dab lightly onto the skin. If the oil is too powerful for your skin then it is also recommend that you mix rose oil and coconut oil together as this will give a more soothing effect.

Photo: By Inhabitat

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

I love this essential oil it has a lovely, flowery fragrance to it. Due to its flowery fragrance it can control oil production and minimizes breakouts for all skin types. Skin naturally produces oil which is known as sebum, this protects it and seals in its moisture. Oily skin produces too much sebum, whereas dry skin produces too little.

Ylang Ylang helps prevent this from happening by helping your skin produce just the right amount of oil it needs to help keep the skin healthy and balanced.

Photo: By Sedonaaromatherapie

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree oil has become a very popular natural ingredient which is used in all kinds of shampoos, soaps because of its amazing healing powers. You can use pure Tea Tree oil in various ways to help heal the skin such as: cuts, insect bites, warts, acne, corns and more. Due to its anti bacterial properties tea tree oil is a great treatment to use as it also helps prevent infections on the skin.

Photo: By Raw Food Solution

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil has a sweet and rich aroma that is very beneficial for healthy skin. A lot like wine Patchouli gets better with age and can range from a light golden-brown to dark amber-brown colour. The fragrance can be very earthy and musty.

Patchouli oil regenerates skin cells which make it very useful for tightening and toning sagging skin. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties it can calm skin problems, such as sunburn, acne and more.

Photo: By Top Natural

WARNING: When using essential oils you should always check for allergens as some ingredients in essential oils may not suit or agree with your skin. It is also recommend reading about side effects any essential oils may have.