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Guinot Launches Cover Touch Concealer

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Guinot is a really good beauty brand which offers a wide range of body, face and salon treatments. When I was training to be a Beauty Therapist which was a few years back now I used Guinot products on a regular basis, particularly their facial cleansers, body gels and moisturizers. Guinot products have a real positive effect on the skin and all their products are tailored to suit any skin type from dry, sensitive to combination.

Guinot has just announced the launch of the new Cover Touch concealer which will be available to buy this month in salons or online. The Cover Touch concealer is designed to camouflage and treat any concerns, suitable for any skin type and condition. This product is a great multi-tasker for your skin as it has a light weight formula and a hygienic applicator, which enables the skin to breathe while the product adapts to it’s complexion.

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