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Urban Decay Mix Up

Urban Decay Vice4 Palette

Vice4 Palette. I have seen and heard a lot about this. I was thrilled when I received this as a present for Christmas as I have always wanted to try and test these colours to see what the fuss is all about. This palette is definitely eye popping when it comes to colour you certainly wouldn’t get bored of this palette as there are lots of colours you can mix and blend together to create a more suitable colour that suits your eye colour (that’s only if you are not a fan of greens or pinks).

Vice4 consists of 20 addictively gorgeous eyeshadow colours from deeps brights, mattes, neutrals and smokey. I thought I would give a few colours a go for the day, so my first two colours I went for were Bones and Framed. I mixed and blended these two colours as I thought they worked really well together, it definitely created a beautiful warm shade which would be perfect for summer. I found when applying the colours that they didn’t show up as well as I wanted them to which was a shame and throughout the day the shades started to fade and smudge.

I don’t think I would use these colours as a solid eyeshadow for a day look. I think these eyeshadows would work really well with pigment powders blended together. Apart from that I think when you open the box you just can’t stop looking at the design of the palette and the colours as it is super eye striking and very imaginative.

I would still recommend giving the Vice4 palette a go if you haven’t already as we all have different opinions on different things and if you love colourful, striking eyeshadows then definitely try it. You can purchase the Vice4 palette directly on the Urban Decay website or in beauty stores. Priced at £43.

Urban Decay Black Magic

The Black Magic glide-on double end pencil set is no doubt an absolute must. I was thrilled when I received this lovely set as a present for Christmas as I really struggled at the time to find this available. These colours are so gorgeous and if you love getting creative with eye make-up then this is definitely up your street.

As part of my make-up routine I am definitely a black liner junkie so I couldn’t wait to give these colours a go. What I love about these eye pencils is that they are double ended meaning each side is a different colour so you can mix it up and experiment and choose the liners that work best with your eye colour.

I have used these eye pencils a few times now and have found that certain colours work really well together two being Black Velvet and Smoke – created the perfect smokey eye look. The texture of the pencils are nice and soft which makes it much easier to glide under the eye lid – certainly has a gentle feel to it and never feels heavy around the eye area.

The colours consist of Black Velvet, Smoke, Black Market, Tornado, Perversion, LSD, Zero and Demolition. These colours are all you need when it comes to eye liners. The set is priced at £27 and can be purchased directly on the website or Selfridges/beauty stores.

Photos: By Beautyology