Stay In The Know

Part 1: Applying For a Job

Just applying for a job can be a very daunting and stressful experience. Something I know myself to be true.

My first big piece of advice and before you do anything else would be to set aside some quality time as job applications are never a short process. I would also recommend a schedule because applying for too long can be overwhelming and not applying enough won’t get you the results.

Set yourself a time schedule, I personally recommend two days during the middle of the week as the beginning of the week a lot of companies have mail boxes which are full. Getting it done during the middle of the week means you have the weekend to relax. Once you’ve done this I think a balance between quality and quantity is the best way to go; Companies don’t just want to see a CV by itself they also want to see initiative but at the same time it never hurts to apply to as many places as possible.

Perhaps most importantly I would urge people to be realistic. Have a general sense of what industry you really want to work in and manage your own expectations. For example your salary will be affected by your age and experience. Bare in mind that we all have to start somewhere before we can achieve what we really want and the goals we have in life.

Even if you can’t get the ideal job you want straight away (which is probably 99% of us) don’t ever be disheartened but see it as gaining experience in the world of work and keep your hobbies up if it is related to what you want. This will definitely help you to be that one step closer to your dream job. Don’t ever give up!

Photo: By Three Principles