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Paul Mitchell Products

I have been using Paul Mitchell products for a long time now and absolutely love the brand, ever since the first product I started using - the ‘Extra-Body Daily Boost Root Lift.’ My hair has always had a tendency to go flat very easily after styling which can be frustrating. I discovered Paul Mitchell’s ‘Extra-Body Daily Boost Root Lift’ spray and have found that it really is a life saver, giving my hair that extra bit of volume and boost – meaning I can style and party away without having to worry!

Photos: By Beautyology

My three sisters and I all have very curly hair and we all absolutely love using Paul Mitchell products in general as it helps with shine and moisture. Because of this, a really popular product in my household is the ’Paul Mitchell Curls Full Circle’ leave in treatment.This product is fantastic and does exactly what it says on the tin! It is really easy to apply and if you are not very confident with styling your hair yourself then this will save you a lot of time and effort. Most importantly are the perfect results it can provide, helping your curls stay soft and manageable by hydrating, de-tangling and taming frizz. To make things even better, the formula is made with a rich and creamy texture giving that luxurious smooth and silky feel.

Photo: By Paul Mitchell

Another product I think is a hair must-have is the ‘Dry Wash’ spray. Sometimes it can be a lot of effort washing our hair especially if we do not have the time, but the ‘Dry Wash’ product is the perfect solution and ideal to use between washes. It is a waterless shampoo which instantly leaves your hair feeling freshly washed and clean, even with the help of just a few sprays!This is definitely a go-to product and should be the best friend of every man and woman.

Photos: By Beautyology

I also swear by the ‘Hot Off The Press’ hairspray. There are plenty of hairspray products out there but I find that none of them have the same effect as this hair spray. It is quick and easy to use, having the ability to protect your hair from heat styling, as well as to keep your hairstyle in place – meaning you can style in whatever way you like, whether that be curling, back combing or doing an up-do look for an occasion.

Photos: By Beautyology