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The Job World & Motivational Quotes

Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing my very own guide on how to deal with the job world. I will be sharing all my past experiences which will include:

Dealing with interviews

Group interviews

How to prepare

What to expect

Being let down, setbacks, how to pick yourself up

Waiting around


Career direction


Mixed emotions


Having no work experience what to do?

Wasting your time with recruitment agencies what to do?

How to stay motivated & confident

Lastly if you can’t achieve what you really want in a particular industry and feel you have tried absolutely everything and don’t seem to be getting anywhere then set yourself a long term goal instead. This will really motivate you to get up, learn, work and earn some money. If you find a job and it’s not what you really want then just think to yourself it will all be worth it in years to come. Who knows you could eventually be the next Richard Branson or Lord Allan Sugar if you have an incredible business idea.

Now I must say finding a job isn’t easy, in fact it is a complete nightmare particularly for young people as I feel there are not enough opportunities/motivation in our generation today. I am hoping over the next few weeks I can change this for people who have been in my position whether it’s looking for a job or eventually finding something and it’s not what you really want. What do we do? Well three key words in this instance are to BE SMART, LONG TERM GOAL & PLAN. For the time being I have listed below some motivational quotes that will help you to keep going.

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