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Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub

Jack Black is a very popular skincare range for men. When it comes to shaving it’s hard to get that smooth, clean finish but not to worry as the Jack Black shaving range will sort you out. I know quite a few people that have used the Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub and say it’s one of the best products to use when it comes to leaving your skin with that perfect shave. Face Buff clears spots, dead skin, prevents in-grown hairs and reduces redness and cuts.

A lot of men don’t believe in pre-shave products but that has now changed since Jack Black launched Face Buff. To get the best results when using the Jack Black Face Buff it’s recommend that you use three to four times per week before you shave. Apply onto a wet face, gently rubbing in circle motions; the power of the scrub is built-in meaning you don’t have to rub into the skin to hard.

I know Jack Black products are made for men and this Face Buff is recommend for pre-shaving but I have also been using the Face Buff scrub if my skin needs that extra bit of TLC and I have to say after using, it feels like you have a new face. I absolutely love it keeps my skin super soft and most importantly prevents my skin from bacteria, spots and dead skin. I wouldn’t recommend buying any other scented face scrub as I’ve used a few in the past and they’ve never had the same effect as Jack Black Face Buff.

Jack Black Face Buff is made with Vitamin C, licorice extract which have good anti-aging benefits. Allantoin for hydration and softening, eco-friendly scrubbing beads which are used to gently polish the skin these are 100% biodegradable and lastly Menthol which is used to cool the skin from antibacterial properties.

I would highly recommend Face Buff for woman and men. All Jack Black products can be purchased on their website:

Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub priced at: £16.50

Jack Black products can also be purchased in beauty stores: Boots, Space. NK, Mankind and Escentual.

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