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KIKO Milano Cosmetics

On the weekend I took a trip down Kiko Milano Cosmetics store in Covent Garden. This was the first time I discovered Kiko Milano Cosmetics, worryingly I was tempted to buy the whole store but luckily my boyfriend was there to stop me. Kiko Milano is an Italian professional brand that features a range of edgy make-up, skin and body products.

If you are on a beauty budget when it comes to finding the perfect make-up or skincare brand then I would definitely recommend Kiko Milano Cosmetics. They offer a variety from foundation, blush, gift sets, eye shadows and more all at very reasonable prices. Below are some of my beauty goodies I picked over the weekend.

Cranberry Crumble Angel Kiss Set

I have used this product a few times and absolutely love it. This set includes a lip scrub and a lip balm, as you can probably guess the smell is cranberry. My lips tend to get very dry when cold winter months approach, but I don’t have to worry anymore as this keeps my lips smooth and nourished throughout the day. These lovely sets make the perfect Christmas gift and priced at £11.90 it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re not a fan of cranberry then you can also choose from other lip sets including:

Champagne and Strawberries

Milk and Honey

Candy Canes

Photos: By Beautyology

Infinity Eyeshadows

Colours picked peach, gold and brown. These eyeshadows are concentrated with pearls and pigment which is coated with glossy oil and can be used on both oily and dry skin. These eyeshadows are great for long lasting wear and the colours create an ultra shine look. Kiko are currently having a sale £2.80 for each infinity eyeshadow.

Photos: By Beautyology