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Refreshing Face Masks

Ok so you either love or you hate masks. If you love face masks then you have come to the right place because here I am going to list some of my all time favourites. Face masks are such a great way to treat and relax the skin. I have always been a fan, especially after a deep cleanse. I think it’s important every once in a while to give your skin that extra bit of TLC. The benefits to your skin in the long run can be really worthwhile.

Skinbreeze Hydro Gel Mask

I have posted about Skinbreeze a few times as I think they offer the best facial/skincare treatments and products when it comes to treating acne, tired, ageing or red skin. Skinbreeze kindly sent me Hydro Mask to try and it really has a wow factor. The Hydro Mask has a real soothing and calming effect on my skin and instantly reduced redness and irritation. The Hydro Mask has two separate sections to treat the upper and lower face. All you need to do is carefully open the packet from the sides and remove the plastic trays, unfold each section and apply to the relevant part of your face.

Skinbreeze recommend cleansing your face beforehand and leave for 10-20 minutes once applied which is what I did and it worked perfectly well. I would also recommend leaving this mask refrigerated as it will have a cooling effect on the skin.

Skinbreeze also offer a variety of different facial treatments that have become very popular with celebrities including: Spencer Matthews, Binky Felstead, Louise Thompson and more. These facials are fantastic and leave a real glowing, refreshed and rejuvenated feel to the skin. It will even leave you confident enough to go make-up free! (Now that’s saying something). Skinbreeze masks can be purchased in any Skinbreeze salon. If you would like to book a facial treatment then definitely check out their website to book and see where your nearest salon is. For the prices Skinbreeze offer I would highly recommend.

Photos: Beautyology

Starskin Glowstar

If you are on a beauty budget and want flawless looking skin then this Starskin foaming, peeling perfection puff is right up your street. Technically this isn’t a mask but you can use this as a deep cleanse. I have used this a few times and it’s so easy to apply. All it needs is a few drops of water and can be used up to four times. The puff is pre-soaked with carrot, turnip, broccoli and tomato, it also has aloe olive leaf and lactic acid. What I love about this is you can massage it onto your face and then just rinse off with a splash of water. Starskin offer lightweight masks which are super easy to pack if you are on the go. Priced at £7.00 and can be purchased online at Selfridges or in store.

Photo: Selfridges

Starskin Leading Man

Starskin also offer a face mask for men which has a real wake up effect on the skin. The mask is made with coconut juice and vitamins and really energises the skin, leaving skin smooth, refreshed and redness free. Priced at £8.50 and can be purchased online at Selfridges or in store.

Photo: Selfridges

Expensive Beauty Face Masks

If you prefer to spend a little more on skincare products then you’ll love these. I have listed 2 of my favourite face masks which I have used in the past.

Origins Calm to Your Senses Face Mask

Origins are a really good skincare brand to use if you love everything natural and organic. This mask has a stress-relieving effect on the skin and can be purchased online or in store. It has a rich creamy texture and helps to smooth lines and restore balance. With the smell of lavender and chamomile put together this mask really soothes your senses. You can buy online or in store, price: £30.

Photo: Selfridges

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask

This mask is great for sensitive skin, I used this mask twice a week as I found it really helped my skin’s balance. My skin felt smooth and refreshed. Seeing as this mask has a clay texture I wouldn’t recommend putting too much on the skin as once dried it may be difficult to take off. You can buy online or in store, price: £30.

Photo: Elemis