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Follow Up Review Skinbreeze

After my post on the acne solution where I featured the Skinbreeze treatment that Ellie had. Skinbreeze sent me a Rejuvenation Serum for her to use alongside the treatment and this is the fabulous review that Ellie has just given me.

“I have tried many different treatments for my problem skin over the years and Skinbreeze has to be up there with the best. A gentle and relaxing treatment, unlike other treatments no discomfort is experienced, which made me disconcerted at first, believing this might in turn indicate the poor efficacy of the treatment.

However, after a course of about a dozen facials, I, as well as others, have noticed a marked difference in the quality of my skin. Thanks to Skinbreeze (and a strict daily cleansing routine) I am now less prone to breakouts and my skin is no longer as greasy as it always seemed to be before my first treatment. And so I would recommend the treatment without hesitation as it is a good way to ensure the rejuvenation and softening of the skin, particularly skin which is sensitive to exterior factors.”

I would highly recommend the Skinbreeze in-salon treatment as an affordable way to manage problem skin and combining the serums between treatments. Serums start from £40 and Skinbreeze treatments start from £35 (depending on location)

Image by Beautyology