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GlamGlow Fizzy Lip

GlamGlow has already mastered our skin care routines, and now they’re coming for our lips and have just launched the new fizzy lip exfoliating treatment. This is a powerful and gentle lip treatment which leaves your lips looking and feeling nourished, energised and smooth.

Even the packaging screams come at me! I absolutely love it. GlamGlow have definitely launched this product at the right time as it’s coming into the winter months and sometimes when it’s cold we tend to get chapped, sore lips but no need to worry as this fizzy lip treatment will transform your lips from dull to dry smooth and I would highly recommend.

The treatment set comes with a 0.88 oz Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment and 0.88 oz Wet Lip Balm Treatment. The good thing about this product is that it’s not full of nasty chemicals meaning it’s Paraben, Sulphate and Phthalates free.

The product features a exfoliation complex of Caribbean cane sugar, Hawaiian sea salt and hibiscus flower powder, it’s also boosted with an antioxidant-rich tropical fruit blend of sweet almond oil, guava, cherimoya, star fruit, lychee and mangosteen. Full of fabulous ingredients this Fizzy Lip also contains teaoxi Moroccan mint leaf leaving your kissable lips with a sweet and minty feel.

The Fizzy Lip exfoliating treatment is a perfect way to start prepping your pout when it comes to applying your lip colour as it ensures smooth coverage every time. The Wet Lip Balm Treatment doesn’t contain petroleum.

Image by Instyle

Image by Sephora