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Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen

If you love getting creative with your make-up then you will love this post!

Phyllis Cohen has bought something exciting to the fashion and make-up world that no one else has seemed to master. Phyllis Cohen is a make-up artist who is famous for her quirky designs and bold fashion features.

Face Lace is a non-fade, non-smudge range of ready to wear make-up designs that will instantly turn you into a fashion masterpiece. These make-up ready to wear designs are really easy to apply just peel off, stick on and show off!

What I love about this idea is the fact that Phyllis Cohen offers a wide range of funky make-up designs that you can choose from and in minutes after applying gives you that instant effect of a make-up artist that has been doing your make-up for hours.

If you have an event coming up soon whether it be a fancy dress, or shall I mention Halloween will be approaching soon then Face Lace is right up your street. Thanks to Phyllis Cohen there is no need to stress about what make-up look you’re thinking of.

Prices range from £8-£40 depending on the design and can be purchased on the Face Lace website. A few of my favourite designs are Salome Eye, Stained Glassto and Broomchicks.

Images from The Fashion Journal and Asos