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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

I recently purchased the new Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme product which is an intensive, super-conditioning, pre-shampoo treatment used on fine, medium, afro, coarse hair types.

The product adds elasticity, bounce and shine to the hair and I would highly recommend for anyone who has dry, frizzy, spilt ends or weak hair caused by hair dyes or heat styling. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme product is priced at £30.00 and you can buy online or in store.

I’ve always been a real fan of Philip Kingsley hair products as they’ve always worked so well on my hair. My hair has a fine, thin texture and I recently dyed my hair so I wanted to find a product that would keep my hair nourished and protected. After reading a few good reviews I thought why not spend that extra bit of money on a product that sounds fantastic and I am so pleased I did!

At first I was slightly worried that the small tub would finish in one go but surprisingly it wasn’t! After using twice a week for a month I still have half a tub left. From applying to rinsing out with warm water I can definitely feel a difference with my hair it’s much softer, stronger, less frizzy and doesn’t leave that horrible heavy feel which I find some hair products do.

The product is quite thick so you don’t need to apply that much, that’s good for us as it means it will last longer. As long as you apply twice a week then you should notice a difference with your hair. After using this product a few times I will definitely be staying loyal to Philip Kingsley.

If you aren’t willing to pay that much on hair products then Philip Kingsley also offer smaller products at lower prices which you can always try out but I think for the best results it’s always worth splashing out.

Images by Beautyology