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Candles Make Everything Better

I love candles they are such a subtle and easy addition that can enhance a setting tremendously, they smell great too.

Candles make everything better after a stressful or long day at work they create that relaxing and peaceful environment. I tend to have an obsession when it comes to candles some of my all time favourite smells being, black cherry, honeydew, vanilla and pomegranate.

We are most definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to candles so it can be challenging choosing the right candle for your home or event as there are so many brands, styles and smells (scented or unscented) to choose from. If you’re like me and every time you step into a candle shop you just don’t know where to start then the easiest way is to ask yourself these questions:

Why are you buying the candles?

Worth spending?

The smell?

The brand?

Where will they go?

Will they match your theme?

I find the selection of candles at TK Max good at reasonable prices and would highly recommend as they offer lovely candle gift sets with a range of fragrances.

My all time favourite candle brand which I’m sure you will all know is Lily Flame. Lily Flame create lovely homemade fragrance scents using only the finest ingredients. The smell lasts a while and you can burn this candle up to 30 to 35 hours. I absolutely love the packaging and the funky designs tailored to each different scent. Lily Flame scented tins are priced at £8.95 I think it is definitely worth the splurge.

Images by Beautyology