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Two-Toned Hair Colour Looks You’d Die To Try

Seeing as it’s Friday I wanted to bring some colour madness to the blog today.

Crazy hair colours have started to become the new trend. Whether you’re thinking of a natural, more traditional, ombre, bold, soft or funky brights it’s all the hype.

Ombre also doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon and remains one of the hottest hair trends. I’m not surprised it has so many different options and the maintenance can be ridiculously low. I’ve recently noticed that two-toned hair colours have also been in various magazines and runway shows. Take a look at these cool two-toned looks that are to ‘dye’ for!


I love how this look instantly creates that bold, fashion statement and I must say I think the colours work so well together. I love it! Super rocker chic and love how it plays into the grey hair trend which complements the golden locks.


Oh my favourite I love, love, love, this hair colour! I have seen this hair colour a few times in magazines recently and I think if you master the colour well it can look pretty cool and comes across as a slight quirky but natural tone.


Blue hair is always a tricky one as not everyone is brave enough to pull it off I know I certainly wouldn’t but depending on the shade and how crazy you want to go I think at times it can look trendy as you can combine different shades of blues whether you want to add lighter colours such as whites. The way this girl has shaded her hair I think it works really well and looks awesome!


Long fiery red hair is such a fierce look I love it! This is most definitely a stand out statement and immediately alerts runway, bold, striking and fun.


Thinking of taking the plunge into pastel hair? I would definitely choose this lilac colour it’s so pretty and is the perfect ombre tone as it goes with anything and any style.


If you’re feeling really crazy then why not go all rainbow with your hair.

Images from Pinterest