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The Acne Solution

September 3, 2015

A close friend of mine has been on a journey to find treatments for acne and acne scarring, she has tried quite a few in-salon treatments and I thought I would share the treatments and what she thought of them. Whether they worked or whether they’re just hype.


First of all there’s no miracle solution, but there are treatments available that seem to work quite well. Firstly I will list the treatments that my friend has had over the last year and a half.


Acne and Acne Scarring Treatments:


Theraclear: This treatment is suitable for all types of skin with active acne. The procedure involves a light and a vacuum lasting 45 minutes per treatment.  This treatment can be uncomfortable and causes skin redness but this does go down after a few hours. My friend rated this for effectiveness 5/10. Prices start from £119


Legato Laser:  This treatment is for acne scarring not active acne. The procedure starts with a cleanse of the skin, then using a small hand held roller with fine needles to gently roll over the skin, this will create a tiny spark which is what ablates the skin. After this a hand held ultrasound probe is gently applied to the skin in circular motions, which helps to penetrate active ingredients into the skin. Lastly, applying a soothing cream and SPF.  This treatment takes 60 minutes. My friend rated this for effectiveness 6/10. Prices start from £100


Environ Cool Peel:  This treatment is for acne scarring. The procedure uses a machine called Ionzyme DF II which penetrates vitamins deeper into the skin for better results. This treatment takes 30 minutes and is relaxing and non- invasive. A course of treatments is recommended to get the best results. My friend rated this for effectiveness 7/10. Prices start from £60


Skinbreeze: This treatment is for active acne and acne scarring.  The procedure starts with a micro dermabrasion and LED light therapy followed by oxygen serum, hydro mask and again using more LED light therapy, finishing with an oxygen spray. For acne and blemishes the treatment lasts 30 minutes prices start from £35. For acne scarring treatment lasts 45 minutes and prices start from £49.50 depending on where you live.  My friend rated this for effectiveness 9/10.


Demalux LED Blue Light Therapy: This treatment is for active acne and acne scarring. This is a simple treatment lasting 20 to 30 minutes where a blue light is rolled over the skin. It’s recommended that you have a minimum of six treatments as close together as possible. Prices start from £20. My friend had 8 treatments but didn’t really find it effective on its own so rating 2/10.


Deep Cleanse Facial: This is a good maintenance treatment every couple of months for keeping your skin healthy and clean. This is a great facial for all skin types and teenagers, by deep cleansing the skin it helps keep the skin clear, reducing blackheads, bacteria and congestion. This treatment lasts 60 minutes and prices start from £60. My friend rated this for effectiveness 7/10.


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