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Clinique For Men

So I looked at my dad’s shaving cupboard and thought why not find out how good these shaving products are for men. I think it’s hard to find the right shaving products for your skin especially when it comes to shaving but with enough research, testing samples and reading reviews you will eventually find good shaving products that suit your skin. My dad has been using Clinique shaving products for a while now and he loves the collection.

Cream Shave: This cream by Clinique is a very rich cream but really good to use when you start shaving as it leaves your skin feeling smooth and comfortable. The best way to use this cream is to apply onto a wet face, massage onto the facial hair, shave then rinse off with the blade under warm water.

Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic Lotion: This is fantastic for normal to oily skin types and is used as a daily exfoliator this helps remove any excess oil, build up and unclog pores. This is good to apply to the face after using the cream shave product (you can use a cotton pad to apply or fingers) as it keeps the bacteria away and will leave you with a cleaner, smooth shave.

Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer Gel: After exfoliating it’s important to always use a moisturiser after a shave as this controls the oils in the skin which help improve the skins strength, achieving a shine- free look. Apply gently onto the face and neck.

After Shave Balm: This balm is fantastic to use after a shave as it prevents your skin from dryness and dehydration. This balm is an oil-free moisturising lotion which helps protect and calm razor bumps, cuts and burns. It also has a nice scent to it leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Clinique For Men products can be purchased from Clinique stores or online prices range from £16 - £40.

Image by Beautyology