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A Trip Down T2 Tea Shop

Tea over coffee? Oh yes any all you tea lovers you’ll love this!

I love tea it’s a great way to start and finish the day. Yesterday I was in desperate need of some new tea. I came across this fabulous new tea shop called T2 it feels like your stepping into tea world. I didn’t know where to start at first! Eventually I brought 4 packs of tasty tea flavours; Gorgeous Geisha, Vanilla Slice, China Jasmine and Melbourne Breakfast.

When I visited T2 they had a special offer buy two boxes of teas and get a cup and saucer for free for £14.50 which I thought was great for first time visitors and ideal for presents too! I love how quirky T2 is and the variety of teas you won’t be able to buy anywhere else. Seeing as there is so much choice they also allow you to taste a few of their teas while you’re browsing.

With plenty of flavours to choose from some of my other favourites being (I may have to buy these next time); Chocolate, Turkish Cherry, Strawberries & Cream, Geisha Getaway.

T2 have different sections when it comes to how you prefer your tea whether you like tea bags or shall I say the posh way loose leaf tea.

I started my Friday morning by having one of my Gorgeous Geisha teas the flavours are so sweet and creamy, made with green tea combined with strawberries and cream. I now can’t wait to try my Vanilla Slice tea which sounds even nicer, filled with summer fruits and a pink infusion.

In the tea bag boxes there are 25 tea bags in each box prices starting from: £7.50. T2 don’t just sell teas they also sell a variety of funky patterned cups, plates, saucers, tea pots. If you’re a tea lover I would definitely recommend to take a trip down it’s such a cute, fun shop and besides tea makes everything better!

All images from Beautyology