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Gold Leaf Lacquer by ROCOCO

I was kindly given this as a present a few birthdays back from my boyfriend’s mum. I absolutely love this Gold Leaf Lacquer by ROCOCO and considering I’ve had this in my nail collection box for nearly 3 years it seems to have kept and lasted pretty well.

I’m a fan of ROCOCO nail lacquers as they are trendy and quirky. I love the packaging/beautiful colours they offer. Although the lacquers can be a little pricey it’s definitely worth splurging money on this particular lacquer as you can use it on any colour (used as a top coat to seal). It leaves your nails looking like you’ve just come off a fashion runway show.

The gold leaf nail lacquer contains large flecks of precious 24 Carat Gold Leaf.

The effect of this Gold Leaf lacquer is beautifully striking and luxurious looking over a solid colour. I used Rococo's Super Gloss Black which seemed to work pretty well together. This top coat is glossy, hard wearing and fast drying. If you don’t want to use this top coat with a colour you can also use this alone for exquisite shimmer.

If you're used to applying polishes with large flakes or glitters then this lacquer shouldn't be too tricky, but if you're new to it can take practise to get the gold leaf onto the brush (try gently tilting the bottle and scooping a larger flake onto the brush). It sounds a bit of work, but it really is worth it for the effect!

ROCOCO nail lacquers can be purchased in any SPACE.NK store prices starting from: £12.00.

Images by Beautyology