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What Men Don’t Know About Shaving!

I’ve found that there is a difference between a basic shave and a really good shave. Basic shaving can be quick and easy - just use a razor and drag across your face and the stubble is gone. A really good shave requires a lot more time and effort.

Even if you have been shaving for years, there may still be things you can improve on to achieve the best possible shave without those cuts and razor bumps appearing onto the skin.

Firstly time really is key and I think it’s vitally important to take your time when you shave. If you start rushing that’s a good way to abuse your face and your skin will start to get more irritated quicker.

Spend the necessary time preparing your skin for the razor. Start by washing your face and apply a gentle facial cleanser (Cleansers I would recommend: Dove Men Care Hydrate Face Wash or Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser). This works well as it immediately softens the hairs. I wouldn’t recommend using a harsh soap as this washes away hair softening oils.

Once you’ve applied the facial cleanser leave to set for one minute and then rinse off with warm water. Next, apply a shaving cream/gel to give your skin more protection against cuts and bumps. I would use a cream/gel for sensitive skin.

Don’t rely on your fingers to lather up your shaving cream or gel, use a shaver brush. A good brush pushes the cream/gel onto the hairs quicker which makes it easier to shave.

I would also recommend for you to pay that little bit extra for a double razor blade instead of a single blade as a single blade cuts you more easily as there isn’t enough protective cushioning around the blade.

Once you have applied your shaving cream/gel start to glide gently with a double blade razor. It’s also important to change your blades regularly as this gives you a cleaner shave and it’s more hygienic.

Another good tip when shaving is keeping the skin hot and moist. A great way to do this is shave in the shower or when you get out as this keeps the hairs soft.

A lot of men don’t realise that your facial hair grows in a certain direction so gliding the razor the right way is important.

An easy way of finding out the direction of your hair growth is to get a credit card and glide the long edge along your skin to see which direction you’re pulling the hair up, the direction in which you are lifting the hairs is against the grain, and the direction in which you are laying it down is with the grain. I strongly encourage only shaving with the grain.

Another way is to rub your hand along your skin to see in which direction you feel roughness or resistance from your hairs. This is against the grain. The direction in which you feel smoothness is with the grain.

TIP FOR ALL YOU MEN: Never go over a shaved area twice as this could irritate your skin. (Also more likely to cause razor bumps)

Image by myumgaprojects