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Josh Wood – Blending Wands

Do your grey roots keep coming back? Don’t have time to always go to the hairdressers?

All women (and men) who colour their hair and end up with unsightly white/grey roots after a month's time will jump at this product.

There’s a new solution thanks to Josh Wood he has kindly brought to the hair market these new blending hair wands available to buy at Marks and Spencer’s. Current prices: for 28ml £12.50 or for 100ml £44.64. Marks and Spencer’s currently have on offer: buy 2 wands for £20.

A few days ago when I went shopping I came across this product and thought what a brilliant idea for anyone who doesn’t have the time to go to the hairdressers or hates the hassle of hair dyes. This product saves time and mess and is really easy to apply onto the roots of your hair to cover those ugly greys.

These blending wands are non permanent and are available in 7 different colour shades from: black, red, dark blonde, light brown, light blonde, cool brown and dark brown.

It’s a great idea to use between colouring at a salon or at home. Before purchasing I would recommend to try a tester to see if the colour is a good match for your base colour. Although it may seem expensive this product lasts far longer than other root touch up products as you only use what you need each time, rather than having to use the whole thing like the usual hair dyes.

The applicator of the blending wand has a fairly thick brush so it makes it easier to target specific grey hairs; it also has a button you press when applying onto the roots but be careful not to press too hard as you don’t want big clumps of colour coming out quickly. Apply onto wet or dry hair (you can rub the colour in if need be) blow dry to set and away you go your grey hairs should be well blended with your natural base colour.

Image by Josh Wood Colour