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Making Cutlery Cool

We all love a good dinner party.....I know it sounds ridiculous but I have a real fetish when it comes to cutlery and table settings. I think when hosting a dinner party it’s key to have a table setting that gets everyone talking (not to mention good alcohol).

Everyone of course has different tastes and styles when it comes to cutlery design from contemporary, classic, glam to super chic.

Here are my 6 favourites that I think would look super cool for dinner parties: (& would love to own)

LOCK IT UP – The Seletti key-inspired stainless-steel set (Price: £220) if you want to be different then add a bit of gold to your table.

Image by Questo Deisgn

THAT FRENCH VIBE – Languiole’s stainless-steel set (Price: £295 for a 32-piece set) add a French touch to your table...these sets are available at John Lewis

Image by John Lewis

THE GREAT GATSBY – Now this set brings glamour to the table! The style reminds me of the classic film The Great Gatsby, if you are planning on hosting a themed dinner party in the style of The Great Gatsby then this set would be perfect designed by Barbara Hulanicki! (Price: £98 for a 24-piece set available to buy at House of Fraser).

Image by Telegraph

ALL BLACK – Black Stainless Steel Set...not sure I would spend £416 on a cutlery set but I found this set a little creepy but beautiful at the same time designed by Degrenne Paris (Price: £416 for a 24-piece set)

Image by Fancy

KEEP IT MODERN - Wooden Cutlery by Clara del Portillo. I love how different this set is and what an incredible job Clara del Portillo has done with this design, taking the risk by combining wood and metal together but giving it a real elegant touch.

Image by Minimal

BRING YOUR STATIONARY TO THE TABLE– By Bic Pen cutlery, Din-Ink. This is a fine Italian design, so quirky and fun.

Image by the Ballast

Inspiration from Stylist magazine.