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The power of Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit is packed with health-boost chemicals and flavanones. Studies have found that half a glass of grapefruit juice can help boost your heart health. Flavanones help to improve the structure of blood vessel walls. The more elastic blood vessels are, the better blood will flow to the heart.

Scientists have also identified that health-boosting chemicals are naturally found in citrus fruits which have many health benefits. Eating a diet rich in fruit has long been known to have a protective effect.

Strengthens Immune System: Any fruit that is rich in vitamin C will strengthen and support your immune system. Vitamin C provides good and regular nourishment to the body, maintaining good levels of vitamin C for the body it also helps to reduce cold symptoms.

Boosts metabolism: Grapefruit juice is popular to drink when losing weight as it is low in calories and is a good source of fiber, it also has a high water content which can help feel full and stay hydrated. A high metabolism means it can continue to burn fat in the body and research has shown that people have lost weight by eating/drinking Grapefruit before meals.

Reduces stress: As silly as it sounds sometimes the smell of citrus fruits such as Grapefruit can be refreshing and can make you feel relaxed and calm. If you’re not a fan of the taste of Grapefruit then sometimes it’s nice to make a crushed ice smoothie by adding Grapefruit and any other fruit of your choice. TRY IT!

Image from news Berkeley