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Friday Favourites!


Another week down....I can’t believe it’s Friday already how quickly has JULY gone so far? Today I am going to do my Friday favourites...I wanted to think of fun things to send us into the weekend spirit on this depressing rainy day! (Typical British weather)

1. Infused Water. Sometimes when we drink normal water the taste can get really boring so I discovered why not add fresh fruit/zest to your everyday water. One of my favourite water recipes I have recently tried which will keep you going throughout the day and is perfect to leave and refill when you’re at work is orange, strawberry and berries (all citrus fruits tend to work well too). Tastes so yummy try it!

2. Mm Mojito Mojito calling my name. Seeing as it’s a Friday my all time must have drink after a long day at work on a hot summers day is a refreshing, yummy Mojito the classic is of course: white rum, soda, white sugar, mint leaves, lime and ice cubes (crushed). But sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit why not try: Mango Mojito by rum, limes, syrup, mango fruit, mint leaves and soda water! YES PLEASE

3. Ray Bans. Oh the power of Ray Bans make everything better...I am in love with all the designs especially the Erika collection a pair I own myself. I don’t know where I would be without these beauties on a summers day, chilling with a nice glass of Pimms why not whack a pair on or go treat yourself....STAY GLAM

4. A true foodie. Tea and scones the perfect way to end your day with a nice cup of tea why not put on the calories with cream and jam once in a while we all deserve a little treat we only live hey why not!