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CND Shellac

Hey everyone just a quick post before you all head off to bed let me talk to you about CND Shellac.

Frustrated that your nail polish always chips after a few days? Well using CND Shellac you won’t have that problem.

I have been using CND Shellac for a long time now - I used to offer this service to my clients when doing manicures which they loved. I also used this a lot while I was training 3 years ago. This gel colour really does last a long time and leaves you with that glossy shine finish! I went through a phase where all I ever wanted to use when I wanted a new nail colour was CND Shellac.

I have 21 colours in total the CND Shellac collection has a wide range of colours to choose from with a number of 89 designer shades! The idea of CND Shellac is it’s a gel form polish and it lasts up to 14 days without chipping or damage to the nail colour, it offers endless colour and prismatic shine. It’s really easy to apply under a CND Shellac UV lamp, and once you’re ready to remove your CND Shellac gel it leaves your nails looking as good as new finishing by using a CND cleanser.

CND Shellac has become more known and popular since its launch over the last few years and more and more salons are offering this service. If you want nice looking nails for a longer period of time then get down to your local salon and treat yourself! I think this gel lacquer is fantastic and quality wise it won’t disappoint.

To find out more info take a look at their site: