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That even tone base!

I know I have been talking about make-up a lot this week, I promise next week will be different. I thought it’s important to share this with you when creating the perfect flawless skin look by using a foundation that matches your skin. Here is my guide on how to achieve that look:


I start off by applying one layer of concealer around the under eye area and any other problem skin areas I want to cover. I use a Bobbi Brown sand shade concealer, the reason why I’ve gone for a more expensive brand is because I suffer from dark circles under the eye area and wanted to find a brand that leaves you with plenty of coverage around the under eye area.


It’s really important to find a colour that matches your skin tone this can be easily done if you test out different foundations and colours when you’re in a beauty store test out onto your outer (not inner) wrist area as this is the closest match to your most natural looking face colour!

I use Rimmel Match Perfection in an 100 Ivory shade which I would highly recommend it’s so cheap to buy and the quality is just as good in fact better than an expensive brand I have been using this for years and refuse to use anything else!

When applying foundation one of the main things people say is apply with your fingertips as the warmth of your hands blend in with your skin better. I disagree, I find when applying foundation with your fingertips/hands it doesn’t give you enough coverage or an even tone base.

I would recommend to always use a good foundation brush such as EcoTools or Real Techniques as you can focus on the specific areas you want to cover, it’s quicker and leaves you with an even tone base! When it comes to foundation brushes and applying I normally squeeze 2 small pumps onto the tip of the brush to start off with as you don’t want to go overboard with your everyday look! I start applying onto the cheeks then gradually work my way around the face (treat it as though you are painting your face) as silly as it sounds!


Once you have applied your foundation I then apply another layer of Bobbi Brown in sand shade concealer as it looks more natural when you apply in sheer layers.

To finish off your foundation base I use my very favourite GOSH 004 mineral Powder dabbing lightly over the face with a blusher brush. This mineral powder is so lightweight, soft to touch and not stick or heavy in any way it is definitely worth every penny! And perfect for people who are beginners with makeup it really gives your skin that flawless smooth look!

Or if you’re not a foundation lover I would definitely recommend JUST to use a GOSH mineral powder as this creates a more natural toned look! (or any other powder of your choice).

If you’re a GOSH lover like me and want to buy their products they can be purchased at Superdrug stores.

TIP: When using make-up brushes regularly it’s important to keep them clean. Use a shampoo in warm water to clean as this kills bacteria quicker and your brushes will be as good as new!