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EcoTools Fresh & Flawless Complexion Brush Set!

Want to create an airbrushed coverage look? Then you will love this 5 piece set by EcoTools.

I am a big fan of EcoTool brushes and particularity this five piece set you have all the brushes you need and they are the perfect size to fit in your handbag without any fuss!

These brushes are soft, have cruelty-free bristles and have been artistically designed using recycled aluminium ferrules and sleek bamboo handles.

The Flat Concealer Brush can be used to camouflage problem areas on the skin. The buffing Concealer Brush and precision Foundation Brush can be used to create a flawless even base. The complexion blending brush provides that airbrush finish before applying your touch of colour with the full powder brush.

I would definitely recommend these brushes even though they are small they still do the job! You can buy these sets in any beauty store and just priced at: £11.99 it’s definitely worth it!

Content and Image two from Superdrug.