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Why Coconut oil will change your life!

10 reasons why Coconut oil works well with a lot of things...

Coconut oil is one of the most unique products on the market. Coconut isn’t just something you can cook with it is also a beauty life saver! Coconut oil is a combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. Other than beauty it also has many health benefits to!

Coconut oil can be used for:

  • Body scrub - leaves your skin soft/smells amazing.

  • Eye make-up remover - great removal for waterproof make-up (just add a few drops onto a cotton pad mixed with cold water then rinse off).

  • Moisturizer - leaving your skin soft, glowing and smooth.

  • Cuticle care – apply coconut oil onto your nails and it will make them healthy and strong!

  • Lip balm – you can even dab coconut oil lightly onto your lips for a softer feel!

  • Sunburn – Coconut oil is great for soothing sunburn skin!

  • Digestion – Fatty acids in coconut oil can help aid the digestive system!

  • Hair – Coconut oil is fantastic to use for dry hair (apply onto the roots and rinse off)

  • Clean Brushes – soak in Coconut oil and your make-up brushes will be as good as new!

  • Cellulite – Coconut oil keeps your skin tight apply onto the loose skin area.