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Revolution Make-up Palette Review

Make up is all about having fun, experimenting and being creative. We aren’t always in a position to splash out loads of money on high end make up brands but now there are affordable brands out there that are just as good in fact better in my opinion!

At the weekend I brought these 3 Revolution make-up palettes from Superdrug; cover & conceal palette, bronzing palette and flawless ultra eyeshadow.

The Cover & Conceal Palette includes 8 super blendable cream concealers. I have always gone for the high end brands when it comes to concealers as I have dark circles under my eyes and wanted to find the best possible brand and match so I thought an expensive brand must be good BUT was I wrong! After using this Revolution cover and conceal palette I was shocked at how good the quality was and the amount of coverage it gives you. This palette was only £6 bargain!

Seeing as you have 8 blendable colours included in the palette to choose from lights to darks there’s no need to spend so much money on high end concealer brands!

The Bronze Palette includes 8 high pay off blusher powders from glitters, darks and lights! Seeing as it is summer I think a make-up essential has to be a bronzer as it leaves your skin glowing and is the perfect finish to your daily make up routine. This bronzer lasted all day for me and I have tried so many different types of expensive brands and this was by miles my favourite and again only £6!

Flawless Ultra Eyeshadows includes 32 professional eyeshadows. Sometimes with eye shadow palettes there is always that one colour that we don’t like and don’t know what to do with it. The good thing about this flawless palette is every colour is so pretty it’s hard to choose which one to use as you’re spoilt for choice! (Colours include; copper shimmer, golden night, gold digger, barely pink, soft glow etc). I would definitely recommend this flawless eye shadow palette as the quality is good, lasts all day and is priced at just £8 definitely worth it!

The good thing about Revolution make up palettes is they offer so many different types of colours to choose from and not every make up brand offers this!

All make up Revolution products are available online and can also be brought in Superdrug . Prices start from £1.00 upwards.

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