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5 reasons why you should use ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of my favourites. I recently began taking Apply Cider vinegar a few times a day for an energy kick! I then recently discovered so many other ways to use Apply Cider vinegar into my daily routine.

Take a look at 10 ‘s a life saver and so cheap to buy in stores!

1. Facial Toner/Cleanser

Apple Cider vinegar is made up of antibacterial ingredients and is perfect for cleaning the skin on your face. It helps balance your skin’s PH levels and can even help reduce break outs. The easiest way to apply, use a cotton pad, dab gently onto your face and apply as a toner.

2. Fades Bruises

Apply Apple Cider vinegar onto your bruise this acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and can ease discoloration.

3. Hair shine

This can be used as a hair rinse after shampooing and will boost the shine of your hair. I would recommend emptying an old shampoo bottle. Apply 1 tablespoon, mixed with cold water to your hair.

4. Avoid bad breath

Apple Cider vinegar can be used as the perfect mouthwash as it kills bacteria which causes bad breath.

5. Teeth whitener

Rub your teeth directly with Apple Cider vinegar, and rinse with water. I would then recommend brushing your teeth afterwards leaving you with a sparkling affect.