My Homemade Product Reviews

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25th May 2015, Grainne K - Your scrub is amazing! My arms and legs are so soft right now, can I have one always please :)

21st May 2015, LK London - Thank you so much for sending me a sample of your coconut and vanilla body scrub it really is fabulous. Left my skin lovely and smooth. 


19th May 2015, Helen H - Lara's body scrub - coconut and grapefruit is fabulous - even my feet look good ! And it smells yum!

16th May 2015, Lydia H - I just tried Lara's body scrub! What a revelation! It is amazing I love it, would definitely recommend and buy it.

14th May 2015, Kira M - Omg I recently tried Lara's body scrub and I am so shocked how good it is! My skin never ever feels soft after anything I use even things from the doctors! And this is just amazing I've used it just once and my skin feels so soft! Thank you so much!

12th May 2015, Charlotte G - My name is Charlotte and I think Lara's bath soak is fantastic! As someone who loves my baths this is a must have! I think Lara's products are excellent value for money and just as good as any you could buy from a leading retailer or supermarket - highly recommended. 


11th May 2015, Olivia K - My name is Olivia and I recently tried Lara's homemade Coconut and Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub and I loved it! It left my skin feeling smooth and leaves a silky feel when you're in the shower. It's as good as anything you would buy in a store and I will definitely be purchasing again.